Cupids Raspberry Rose Float | Wish Farms Recipe
Cupids Raspberry Rose Float | Wish Farms

Cupid’s Raspberry Rosé Float

10 Minutes

Treat yourself and your valentine to the fruity blend of romance and flavor of this raspberry rosé float! Featuring the creamy deliciousness of raspberry gelato, and the luxurious bubbles of rosé, this cocktail is sure to be a hit with your sweetheart!


  • Wish Farms Raspberries & Pineberries
  • One package of raspberry gelato
  • Rosé of your choice
  • Cocktail skewers


  • Wash and pat dry a few Wish Farms raspberries and pineberries
  • Using a small knife, cut pineberry tops into heart shape
  • Place two raspberries and a pineberry on the cocktail skewer
  • Place one scoop of raspberry gelato in a glass
  • Pour rosé over sorbet
  • Garnish cocktail with skewer and enjoy! Cheers!