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Wish Farms Delivers Berries to the Front Lines

Wish Farms, is finding ways to support its own staff, local health care workers and first responders in the midst of the global pandemic.
“In addition to our massive food bank donations, we wanted to find a way to show our appreciation for our community of essential workers,” said Director of Marketing Amber Maloney. “They all have such a heavy burden to bear when it comes to keeping us safe and healthy.”
Over the course of four weeks, Wish Farms staff personally delivered a total of 8,000 lbs. of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries to nine Tampa Bay Area hospitals and eight fire stations. Each delivery included a thank you notes to the medical staff and firefighters: Wish Farms appreciates your hard work and dedication to our community. We hope you enjoy our fresh berries as a healthy and immune system-boosting snack. Thank you, health heroes!
“We hope we spread a little happiness and put a smile on their face. We couldn’t think of a more positive way to impact their day than with immune-boosting, delicious berries,” said Maloney. Wish Farms is also finding ways to support its own essential workers. The company caters weekly lunches for its eighty-five Plant City, FL warehouse employees. The gesture not only expresses appreciation for its hard-working staff, it also boosts the community by serving food from local establishments. After assessing the shifting needs in the central Florida region, the company will ramp up their donations to low-income nursing homes, senior centers and veterans nursing homes.
“A large portion of the at-risk population are nursing home residents,” said Maloney. “They are locked in and can’t connect with friends and loved ones. It breaks our hearts to see elderly people in such conditions. By sharing our fresh berries, they’ll hopefully see that someone out there cares about them.”