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Summertime Berries

Summertime Berries

Ever wondered how you get fresh Wish Farms berries all year?

While our headquarters are located in Plant City, FL, also known as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World, we have farms in many different regions. These unique locations have different growing seasons so you and your family can have strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries any time of the year! Who doesn’t love enjoying a refreshing bowl of sweet berries under the summer sun? Problem is…it is way too hot to grow them in the Florida summer climate.

So, where do you get your berries from in say… June?

The map below shows Wish Farms’ farming locations in North America. Different regions bring different climates that make it absolutely  perfect for the particular berry to thrive, depending on the time of year. That’s right, each region has it’s own season for berries.

For example, we all know and love fresh Florida-grown strawberries however, the climate only allows for these berries to thrive from November to April. When this window closes, we transition our sweet strawberry farming to California, where the climate becomes ideal from April through October. Loving on your strawberry-filled snacks this summer?! Thank the mild, California summer season for making it possible!

We experience movement with blueberry growing regions as well. These berries have a more specific climate requirement and therefore, a smaller growing window than strawberries. The summer season brings us blueberries starting from Southeast USA, then transitioning to Northeast USA, and finally to British Columbia, Canada. All within the summer season!

North America isn’t the only place to grow berries…we also have expanded to South America! The South American climate saves us during our cold fall/winter months, providing the perfect atmosphere for tasty blueberries.


Now that you know why your berries come from different locations throughout the year, take a look at the charts below to see when our different growing seasons take place. Thanks to our ability to farm in different regions, we all have access to the freshest berries any time of year!






Just think…if we weren’t able to grow berries across different regions, we wouldn’t have berries year-round! And, what’s a summer without a plethora of sweet berries.