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Our Top Five Blog Posts for Cinco De Mayo

This Sunday is a time to celebrate: it is Cinco De Mayo! There are so many tasty Mexican dishes to enjoy on this holiday, it is difficult to decide what to make. So, we have decided to make your decision easier by sharing our top five favorite berry recipes for Cinco De Mayo! Put a spin on traditional Mexican dishes with a berry kick and give these recipes a try!

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Berry Pepper Cilantro Sorbet by Solo Travel Girl:  Follow Solo Travel Girl on Twitter @jenniferhuber

Spicy Strawberry & Cilantro Margarita by Dash of Les – Tampa Bay Food Blog:  Follow Dash of Les on Twitter @dashofles


Fitness Dish

Goji Berry Margaritas
Laury is the creater of the Fitness Dish blog. Laury is a certified personal trainer as well as a certified sports nutritionist, so she knows quite a bit about staying healthy! On her blog, Laury shares a variety of workouts and healthy recipes. One of her recipes is for goji berry margaritas. This margarita is perfect for a Cinco De Mayo celebration! The blueberries mixed with goji berries and the lime juicy makes for one delicious, fruity drink! Follow Laury on Twitter @Lauryannraik

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What’s Cooking, Love?

Strawberry Margarita Frozen Pie

What’s Cooking, Love? was created by Alyssa. Alyssa is a fun-loving mom that loves to share her recipes! She enjoys creating dishes that are simple and time efficent, but are still quite delicious! A Cinco De Mayo recipe we discovered on Alyssa’s blog is her strawberry margarita frozen pie. This pie is a refreshing way to end a tasty Mexican meal! So have a slice and cool down from the hot, summer sun! Follow Alyssa on Twitter @WhatCookingLov

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Cynthia Presser: Cooking with a Twistt

Tres Leches Cake with Berries
Cynthia is the blogger for Cooking with a Twist. Cynthia is passionate about cooking and share numerous recipes on her blog! She enjoys using her intuition to create delicious dishes that bring the family together. Cynthia has a recipe for tres leche cake, which is a popular Mexican dessert. However, we loved her recipe because it incorporates strawberries! The spongy cake is perfected with the berry taste and will be a great addition for the Cinco De Mayo celebration menu!

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Java Cupcake

Chocolate Dipped Berry Empanadas
Java Cupcake is a blog written by Betsy. Betsy enjoys baking for her family and friends! She has a love of cupcakes, and created her blog originally for cupcakes. She does share recipes besides ones for cupcakes, though. We came across a recipe for empanadas! Normally, empanadas are filled with meats and cheeses, but Betsy filled these empanadas with juicy berries! Not only do they have a delicious berry flavor, they are dipped in chocolate as well! Everyone will be asking for seconds! Follow Betsy on Twitter @JavaCupcake

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Kitchen Parade

Blueberry Salsa
Alanna is the blogger for Kitchen Parade. Her mother originally started Kitchen Parade in 1959, publishing in a weekly local newspaper! Alanna continued her mother’s work and shares delicious recipes on her blog. We stumbled upon a recipe of Alanna’s that fits in perfect with the Cinco De Mayo theme: blueberry salsa! The recipe does stray from the traditional Mexican dip recipe, but dishes can only be improved when berries are added! Follow Alanna on Twitter @KitchenParade

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What Cinco De Mayo recipes do you make to celebrate?

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