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Springtime Grazing Platter Wish Farms Organic Florida Berry Farm

How to Make a Grazing Platter

Grazing Platters are all the rage right now. Not only are they so gorgeous but they are way easier than cooking up other snacks and appetizers. With a Grazing Platter, you just choose the snacks you want to use, arrange beautifully and watch all your family and friends obsess over it!

Springtime Grazing Platters are especially beautiful because this season comes so many bright and yummy flavors. Colorful Wish Farms berries paired with salty and sweet snack combinations are a match made in Grazing Platter heaven! Here is the recipe to our specific Grazing Platter just in case you want to follow exactly what we chose to include. 

Grazing Platter Party Foods Wish Farms Berries


Here is how we arranged the platter you see above.

We placed blueberries in a bowl as the anchor and main item for the platter. Placing these in a small bowl allow some height and keep the berries from rolling all over the platter.


Lazy Susan with Wish Farms Florida Blueberries


Next, we add some grapes in differentiating colors. These are large and also add height to the platter.


White and Red Grapes With Wish Farms Berries


Add some sweet snacks like thumbprint cookies and coconut rolls. Who doesn’t love some ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ sweet cookie goodness? We also added some crystalized ginger to the platter to add some ‘zing’!

Wish Farms Blueberries with Party Pastries


After layering on some salty almonds and granola bark, we added some yogurt covered raisins.

Wish Farms Party Grazzing Platter Party Food


Last but certainly not least, we added the rest of our Wish Farms fresh berries! Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries really took the cake on adding a beautiful natural vibe to the platter.


Grazing Party Platter Foods Wish Farms Berries Fun Party Berry Appetizer Wish Farms Florida

Grazing Platters are so gorgeous and don’t require a lot of effort…just some creativity and a love for food! Get imaginative and have fun creating your own Grazing Platter at home this Spring!

Wish Farms Strawberries Grazing Platter