Wish Farms Family Foundation Donates to The Florida Aquarium
Wish Farms Family Foundations Donates $1,000 to The Florida Aquarium

Wish Farms Family Foundation donates $1,000 to The Florida Aquarium

The Wish Farms Family Foundation has set aside funds to donate to our employee’s favorite charities. As part of our ongoing effort to make an impact in our community, we want to learn about the causes that our pixies care about. Each month, The Wish Farms Family Foundation reviews employee nominations and chooses a different organization to donate to. For the month of April in honor of Earth Day, $1,000 was donated to The Florida Aquarium.

About The Florida Aquarium:

With a mission to entertain, educate and inspire stewardship of the natural environment, The Florida Aquarium has education programs perfectly suited to engage and inspire. Conservation efforts include a focus on the Florida Reef Tract and coral preservation, sea turtle rehabilitation, and restoration of terrestrial and aquatic habitats to restore functional abundance and distribution of species.

Because plastic waste is harming wildlife and wild places at record levels, the consumption of single-use plastics and flow of plastics reaching our waterways must be significantly reduced. Their Volunteer and Events department organizes many community and beach clean-up events annually.

Whitney Lunsford Nominated The Florida Aquarium

“Everything on this planet deserves clean and safe water. Plants, animals and humans need it to survive and thrive and without it we are heading for disaster.”