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Wish Farms Raises $75,000 With Strawberry Picking Challenge!

It’s apparent the Bright House Strawberry Picking Challenge certainly made a splash in the media. Doug Ohlemeier of The Packer, wrote an article on the event explaining its immense success and the funds raised for the children of RCMA or Redlands Christian Migrant Association.

$75,000 is a record amount for Wish Farms to raise for the cause.

“The event went well and we are real pleased with how it worked out,” said Gary Wishnatzki, Wish Farms’ president and chief executive officer.

The article also explains the event and the all the fun that took place there! This was a day-long event filled with a balloon artist, music and games provided by Radio Disney and appearances by the Plant City Strawberry Festival Queen and Court as well as Misty the Garden Pixie of Wish Farms. It was certainly no surprise that any kid that attended that day had the time of their lives!

Not to mention there was a UPICK just for the kiddos! Delicious!

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