Our California Connection - Wish Farms

Our California Connection


Wish Farms is a year-round grower of strawberries, pineberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Although we are based in Plant City, FL, we cannot grow berries in Florida year-round (it gets way too hot). We look for regions where the temperature and climate is just right. Thanks to a mild coastal climate and fertile soil, strawberry crops thrive in California during the summer months.

California is often described as America’s salad bowl, for its vast and diverse agricultural landscape and all the green lettuce and vegetables that come from it. But…what salad is complete without that crimson gem we all crave: a fresh strawberry?!

Summer Spinach Berry Feta Salad

The main strawberry growing regions of California are Salinas, Santa Maria, Watsonville, and Oxnard. Wish Farms works with hard working strawberry growers and harvesters across all these locations. Due to the large area the state covers north to south, strawberries can be grown in California year-round. However, most of the strawberry volume takes place from March through November.


Did you know that California accounts for almost 90% of the strawberries grown in the United States?


Wish Farms utilizes innovative farming practices such as drip irrigation, plasticulture, and integrated pest management to maximize yields while minimizing environmental impact. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the roots, conserving water and reducing runoff. Plastic mulch covers the soil to control weeds, conserve moisture, and keep the fruit dry and clean. We employ integrated pest management utilizes natural predators and careful monitoring to control pests.

In a world full of apples, dare to be a strawberry: unique, bold, and bursting with flavor!