Wish Farms hosts Berkley Elementary Field Trip - Wish Farms

Wish Farms hosts Berkley Elementary Field Trip

Wish Farms seized the wonderful opportunity to host second graders from Berkley Elementary at our headquarters for an unforgettable field trip. The kids enthusiastically explored the world of berries and had the chance to pick their own juicy blueberries. The day brimmed with excitement and discovery, leaving everyone with smiles stretching from ear to ear!


The day began with an exciting lesson about Wish Farms’ various berry types. With clamshells in hand, the students eagerly picked their own juicy blueberries, showing off their natural talent. Following this, they embarked on a nature walk through the whimsical pixie forest, uncovering hidden pixie dwellings along the way.

After a tasty lunch, the students learned about Wish Farms’ history and operations. They then tested their knowledge with a fun trivia game. Wrapping up the adventure, they toured our headquarters, including the captivating treehouse and secret pixie room.

Finally, as we said goodbye, the students were given some Wish Farms strawberries to take home. Wish Farms had a great time offering the second graders at Berkley Elementary an exciting day of hands-on learning about the berry industry!