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Why Being Proactive With PTI Pays Off

As one of the early adopters of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) standards, we at Wish Farms have always been big proponents of the benefits of food traceability and the importance of food safety. We’ve even gone so far as to develop our own proprietary produce traceability system FreshQC™, which allows us to track all of our produce packages back to the field it came from, and even the specific picker who packed it.

But many other growers and produce marketers have been slower to adopt PTI compliant practices. Why? For starters, integrating a traceability solution requires an upfront financial investment for the grower in addition to the headache of changing the overall harvest process. It seems many growers have opted to sit on the sidelines and wait until PTI is a mandated requirement.

As we move closer to the day when the Produce Traceability Initiative will be enforced on all growers, we at Wish Farms can breathe a sigh of relief; a feeling that many other growers who have been slower to adopt these practices cannot.

The Packer said in a recent article: “Produce companies know the Food Safety Modernization Act will affect their businesses, but those who invested early in PTI may see their work pay off.”

At Wish Farms, we whole-heartedly agree, and are already seeing our efforts pay off in the form of peace of mind and the trust that our consumers have in our fresh produce. The Wish Farms name is associated not only with the highest quality produce but with our proactive approach to ensuring the health and safety of all the individual and families that enjoy our product.

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