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Our New Local Food Blogger Friends

Not only did this year’s Charity Strawberry U-Pick raise quite a bit of funds for the Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA), we also made some new friends: Tracy and Heather! We invited these food bloggers to our Duette field for the U-Pick so they could create some special treats with juicy, freshly-picked Wish Farms strawberries! Spending time with these amazing ladies made for a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. We enjoyed getting to know Tracy, from My Other City by the Bay, and Heather, from Ohayo Bento!


My Other City by the Bay
Tracy is orignially from California, and she is still adjusting to the Floridian lifestyle. Her blog, My Other City by the Bay, features numerous posts on mouth watering food experiences and recipes. You can find something about any of your favorite dishes on Tracy’s blog! Tracy recently did a post on her journey to Wish Farms Strawberry Charity U-Pick. Tracy and her children created some fun memories filling up flats with delicious strawberries! To hear about her adventure, visit Tracy’s recent post.  Follow her on Twitter @tracyguida



Ohayo Bento
Heather, while attending the University of South Florida, wanted a unique way to bring her lunch to campus. Therefore, she decided to create her blog, Ohayo Bento, to share her bento lunch creations. What is bento? Well, it happens to be a style of making home-packed meals that is typically found in Japanese cusinine. It tends to include an array of fruits, vegetables, rice, and meats. Heather has created many tasty bentos and shares them all on her blog! I would highly reccomend trying one of her portable lunch ideas. Heather’s recent trip to Wish Farms gave her some strawberries to add a berry kick to her bentos! To read about Heather’s visit to the Duette field, visit her post.  Follow her on Twitter @ohayobento


Give your favorite food blogger a shout out!  What food blogs do you follow for tasty and unique recipes?

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