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Fruit Turkey Centerpiece by Maria Provenzano

Wish Farms Fruit Turkey!

Thanksgiving morning can be crazy with family around, preparing food, watching the parade….

It’s also not really a time to have something indulgent because of the huge meal that comes later in the day. So here is a perfect idea that is full of healthy fruit and also a fun decoration to have around for all of the morning events.

The Fruit Turkey’s foundation is a pumpkin, but you can use a melon instead. I used wood skewers for the “feathers” and simply placed them in the pumpkin. Make sure they are secure because otherwise the weight of the fruit will make them fall.

For the face I used a brown pear.

Then added Wish Farms blueberries for the eyes, an apple for the snood, and butternut squash for the beak (you can use a piece of a melon instead). I secured all of them with toothpicks.

Then all you need to do is slide some fruit onto the skewers! I used Wish Farms strawberries, blueberries, and pears.

Use your Fruit Turkey as a display on our breakfast table. You can set this alongside some other fruit, pumpkin scones, and enjoy with coffee!

When choosing your fruit be sure to look for the Wish Farms brand at your local grocery stores.  For more recipes and ideas you can visit my blog Maria Provenzano and continue to visit the Wish Farms Pixie Post!


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