Sprouse Farms - Wish Farms

Pat and George Sprouse started as sharecroppers with SS Williams. In 1983 they branched off on their own growing Cherry Tomatoes and Squash. About 2 years later they had finally raised enough money to start farming Strawberries in 1985. They started off with only 5 acres of berries and today farm small parcels of land in the Turkey Creek Area. Mark started farming with his family when he was 22 years old full time, though he had grown up helping out since he was a kid. Mark is the current manager of Sprouse Farms and is very hands-on working in the field with the crew daily, checking quality on each and every flat that comes down the line.

Founded: 1985

Commodity Grown:
  • conventional strawberries


Florida Beauties, Sweet Sensation, Radiance

Image of Wish Farms Strawberry Clamshell Conventional