Caring For & Preserving Berries | Wish Farms

Care & Handling

Care & Handling

Handled with Love

A lot of love goes into growing and harvesting Wish Farms strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Each berry is handpicked with love, just for you and your family.

Always remember to:

Store your berries in a dry container

  • Always keep your berries refrigerated
  • Gently rinse your berries under cool water just prior to use. Berries absorb water and rinsing too long before consuming will accelerate the rate of decomposition
  • To enjoy their natural sweet flavor berries are best served at room temperature

When choosing the perfect package, only select berries:

  • Stored in a refrigerated display case within the produce department
  • In a clean, dry container
  • Free of shriveling, dents, bruising or leaking

Berries are highly perishable and should be consumed 3-7 days after purchasing.

How to Freeze Berries

Keeping your favorite Wish Farms berries on hand all year long just got a whole lot easier. Freezing your Wish Farms berries can preserve them for approximately a year, so you can continue to enjoy them in smoothies, protein shakes, jams, jellies or pies!

  • Gently rinse berries with cool water.
  • For strawberries, cut the green caps off the top.  For blueberries, remove any stems. Blackberries and raspberries can be frozen as is.
  • Pat lightly with a towel to soak up the water.
  • Allow time for the berries to thoroughly dry.
  • Evenly lay berries on a cookie sheet. Separating the berries prior to freezing allows them not to stick together in the process.
  • Place cookie sheet into the freezer for approximately 2 hours; or until berries are completely frozen.
  • Pour frozen berries into large plastic zipper bag and seal tightly.
  • Write the date on the plastic bag and store in the freezer.