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Strawberry Fundraiser

Strawberry Fundraiser

Something Fresh and New!

Wish Farms is a 4th generation, family-owned & operated farm based in Plant City, Florida. Since 1922, we have been growing delicious sweet strawberries for your family to enjoy. We understand how difficult and important it is to raise money for your school, club, band or team. Selecting the right fundraiser can be overwhelming. Wish Farms is excited to offer a fresh and healthy alternative to spice up a stale fundraiser. Best of all, it is easy to execute. Now you can provide peak-of-season Plant City strawberries hand-picked and shipped straight from the farm!

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How it Works


  • Meet with your fundraising team to schedule your strawberry sale. We will provide you with enough order forms and brochures for each seller.
  • Sales should take place in December or January, depending on holiday schedules. Two weeks of selling usually does the trick!
  • Tally your orders and send them to us by a mutually agreed upon date (late January or early February)
  • From there, we will work on scheduling berry delivery direct to your location! Delivery will be coordinated with one to two weeks of advance notice.
  • We will deliver your boxes on a standard pallet
  • Final date is subject to weather and  product availability

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Specialty Box


4 Quarts


6-7 Pounds


$20 per box


You earn $8 per box sold (40%)


If 200 students sell 6 boxes each, your profit is $9,600!