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Made with 100% Florida Strawberries

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…to help prevent food waste and turn the delicious fruit you already love into a nutritious snack that tastes great! Low in sugar and high in vitamins, Pixie Snax is a healthy treat you can feel good about serving to your family!

Founded in 1922, Wish Farms is a 4th generation family-owned farm based in Plant City, FL – the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World. Our family farm along with our community of growers harvest fresh Florida strawberries that we puree and freeze dry with oats and honey.

Pixie Snax pack a whole lotta goodness in every bite with a portion of your purchase going to the Wish Farms Family Foundation. Our mission is to support hunger relief organizations, youth education, as well as our local community.

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Few Ingredients but Big Taste


Slide Farm Fresh Florida Strawberries Our family of Florida strawberry farmers work hard throughout the season to grow the best tasting berries found in your Pixie Snax all year long! Slide Farm Fresh Florida Strawberries Did you know that Plant City, FL is the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World? That's right! Our fresh strawberries are grown in the ideal environment to thrive as they make their way from the farm to your table. Slide Farm Fresh Florida Strawberries It takes 21 days for strawberries to flourish from a bloom to a big, red berry. A lot of time, patience and diligent care is put into growing flavorful and great tasting strawberries!

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Eat Well…

Feel good. Eat berries. Make a difference. With a focus on three pillars of giving: food insecurity, youth education and community, the Wish Farms Family Foundation was established to cultivate positive change one berry at a time.

Be the Difference

Roses are red, violets are blue. Flowers & chocolates are nice, but it’s strawberries that she wants from you. 
XOXO, Wish Farms.❤️🍓🌱
Yes, those "white strawberries" you see are ripe and ready to eat!😍 While supply is limited, keep an eye out for the Pink-A-Boo Pineberries label in your local grocery store. We can't wait for you to try them. 🍓🍍✨🤍 #PinkABoo #Pineberry #RipeAndReady #WishFarms
Over the years, our harvesters have perfected the process of growing and picking the perfect pineberries. At peak ripeness, our new berry variety is white, with red seeds and blush tones popping through. Hence the name Pink-A-Boo!🍓💗✨ #PinkABoo #Pineberry #RipeAndReady #WishFarms
How were these pineberries created?! You will be pleased to know that pineberries are all-natural, Non-GMO & grown with the same diligent care as our other berries.🌱 The variety evolved through a natural breeding program at the University of Florida. Over the years, our farmers have perfected the growing process to provide a berry that is just the right amount of beauty & sweet flavor. ✨🤍 #PinkABoo #Pineberry #RipeAndReady #WishFarms #NonGMO
Working on your menu for the big game?! We've got you covered with a twist on a classic gametime favorite: Berry Chipotle Nachos! Perfectly prepared in individual, easy-to-serve chip bags, this one is a WIN. 🍓🏈 Made by @emily_ellyn ✨ Check out the full recipe in our link in bio. 

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Meet Gary Wishnatzki aka “Head Pixie”, 3rd generation Wish Farms owner. Did you know that almost 100 years ago, Wish Farms began with just a simple pushcart ran by Gary’s grandfather in New York? Over the years, hard work & a lot of passion for the family business led to the Wish Farms we all know and love today.🍓🫐#GenerationsOfSweetness #FeelGoodFriday
Brunch finger sandwiches for your sweetest loves.❌⭕️ Your favorite sliced meat & cheese + 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙬𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙘𝙤𝙣 𝙟𝙖𝙢 + fresh strawberry, all sandwiched between bite-sized mini waffles. YES, you read that right. 🤩🍓🥓🧇 Check out the full recipe link in our bio. 

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