Fabulous Farms - Wish Farms

Teddy Koukoulis, owner of Fabulous Farms, is a Florida blueberry grower for Wish Farms. Teddy is early in his ventures as a blueberry grower and farm owner but he’s been on the marketing side of the blueberry business for decades. He’s actually one of our very own!  As the Wish Farms Director of Blueberry Operations, Teddy works with outside growers everyday.  He sees their ups and downs as well as their passion for farming.

This excitement for growing led Teddy to want to be a part of this opportunity.  He views the farm as a way to build a fun, family business for his children. Teddy’s children, Alison, Alexandra, and Ryan (aka Cookie), actually gave Fabulous Farms its name. Located in Winterhaven, Florida, the farm has approximately 14 planted acres.

Founded: 2008

Commodity Grown:
  • conventional blueberries


Emerald, Jewel, and Rebel

Community & Charity:

Teddy loves playing golf, being outdoors and watching a good ol’ game of football

Image of Wish Farms Blueberry Clamshell Conventional